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Brontosaurus Dynamo Dinosaur

Brontosaurus Dynamo Dinosaur

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Dynamo Dino lives life to the full and no, she won't be quiet, even for a second, and did you know that she loves to talk? Dynamo Dino can often be found playing with Dapper, Daredevil or Devoted Dino, energetically sharing her creative ideas and big plans to make a difference in the world. This girl is going places! 

No need to worry about toxins and plastics with our joyful brontosaurus, because these beautiful pieces are fun as they are natural. Unique and handmade, each dinosaur will inspire imaginative and creative play as children create new worlds in another time.

Dashdu toys are felted by skilled artisans within a family owned workshop in Kathmandu, using 100% wool, naturally-dyed and ethically sourced. As a handmade product, each toy will vary slightly.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.
Small dinosaur stands approximately 19cm tall
Biodegradable and sustainable

Suitable for ages 3+